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Hi everyone, it has been a very long time ever since I updated this blog. Well my dearest wife Michelle is finally in UK with me, she had her visa approved in January 2016.  I wanted to thank every one of you guys who signed our petition and supported us. 

Yep the title is right, the UKVI has rejected my wife’s spouse and tourist visas based on the lack of finance evidence, and describing my wife as a non-genuine visitor. Hey, we obey laws not those people who abused the system and get everything. We work hard for our lives and we pay taxes to this country. I don’t grab a single penny from the government, why should I get benefits? I have a pair of hands and a brain, I work day and night and crazy overtime over the weekend. Don’t need housing benefit I have my own place, don’t need their money as I can earn it by myself.

Please do sign and share this petition to your friends and family.

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Thank you,

One year ago I married to a beautiful girl who named Michelle waiting patiently at the altar with family and friends, and my beautiful wife walked down the red carpet in her wedding gown and she was absolutely gorgeous. I cannot explain how excited I was on that day, the long wait of 6 years and 5 months being as boyfriend and girlfriend. The moment we swapped vows my heart was constantly beating I wasn’t nervous I was so happy that I have won the jackpot. Never ever going to forget this beautiful moment with my wife.

Well what can I say, Michelle still in Singapore it’s a shame we cannot celebrate together so I will make it for her when she comes πŸ˜‰ As long her visa approves I’m more than happy to support and take care of her. As usual I will be calling the mrs and have a niceΒ  conservation with her. Calling your partner is not the same as talking to her in person, it’s better than writing letters or emails though.

United Kingdom Border Agency visa application form. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

It has been 7 days since Michelle submitted her application to the visa center, sent an email to them and they said they have received the documents and it’s in process. Hopefully it’ll be approve by them soon, I really cannot wait to fetch my mrs from the airport in August/September ish.

I have friends and family asking where is my wife at, “..she’s still in Singapore..working hard as usual, 5 days a week as a HR Executive..”. She is one hardworking wife, well in Singapore; I wonder if she’ll be hardworking in UK πŸ˜€ Housewife πŸ˜› Fetch me slippers and make my dinner! Will keep you guys updated once I hear some news about the visa.

It’s been a very tough week for me full of stress and worries, you never know what might has happen to the parcel at the end of the day. Well the parcel managed to reach Singapore on Thursday and it was checked by customs again and it was delivered on Friday afternoon. Thank god for that. All documents were there nothing is missing from the folder.

Called up Michelle and went through the visa application form, making sure every question is correct and up to date. Booked an appointment on Tuesday, oh yes! Can’t wait for that day to happen. Once she goes for an interview I will be start counting the weeks, normally it takes 12 weeks to process the visa based on the evidence that we provide to them. I do really hope my wife can come to the UK and settle with me soon. Will give you an update in the next couple of months once we hear some news from them.



Earlier on I called up DHL to check on my parcel status, trying to find out what is holding up. Spoke to a young lady on the phone and was put on hold for a minute or 2, she got back to me and confirmed the parcel has released by the customs and it will make its way to Singapore tonight. I’m glad that’s out of customs now I can focus on the main thing, Michelle’s visa application forms. Will give you an update next week.


Hey it’s Will today keeping you an update on our relationship. So far I am working on Michelle’s spouse visa, and believe me it is a total nightmare to do it. Gathering all the documents and legal letter is alright but until you try to obtain a supporting letter from a friend it’s hard. Some friends are willing to help and some don’t even bother much. But anyway I have sent my parcel via DHL and now it is being held at customs πŸ™ So not happy today. Apparently it can take a matter of days to clear due to the fact it has a passport in the parcel and things are not declared. Come on, it’s just confidential documents which relate to the visa and tidbits. What’s dangerous there??? I understand the security measures is high in the UK, but the passport is an expired book. I hope they can release the parcel ASAP so I can deal my wife’s visa soon. Once the parcel reaches Singapore I will start processing her visa application and hopefully some good news around August/September. I really want to see my Michelle, I missed her so much. It’s a very hard to go through life without your special person beside you, especially we’ve been together for nearly 7 years and 5 months, married 11 months and 2 weeks.

Every now and then we still chat to each other by WhatsApp and Skype, talking to her on a phone or messaging and it sucks. Well I guess I have to wait until the visa approves then I get to see my wife in person. Will give you an update when my parcel has released from the customs.

It wasn’t a good day for the both of us we were meant to be on the phone for more than 2 hours however things tend to get so busy I didn’t have a chance to talk to Michelle; throughout the day she was pretty disappointed and I mean DISAPPOINTED she’s pretty pissed by the way she talked to me earlier on. I understand a couple should celebrate together even on a special occasion but when you have things to do, you cannot ignore it and moreover my cousin Haven came to UK on Monday to have a short vacation of her studies. I got a surprise for her but I am not going to tell her just yet, going to make her anxious πŸ˜€

It is the second time of our anniversary that I have failed to accompany her, now she don’t trust me whether there will be a third time in the future. That’s entirely up to her whether she trust me or not, but I can honestly say I will always be by her side and accompany her. It always happen to me when I have to do errands every now and then, especially on our special day; it cannot be stopped just like that when 2 things happening at the same time.

Anyway just to let you guys and girls know, we are featured on Stomp website V-Day Love Story 2014, go check it out now!


I guess everyone had a fantastic Christmas this year except me and my wife, you know that Michelle has returned to Singapore due to her marriage visa has expired in November so I had to re-apply a new visa for her next year so she can live with me; and hopefully we can celebrate our 1st Christmas in 2014. I was so looking forward to this year’s Christmas, get to eat Christmas dinner and enjoy fun. Anyway next year we will definitely celebrate together.

I have been busy everyday ever since Michelle left, chores every week or so and tons of Internet business and takeaway business. I still have time to chat with Michelle πŸ˜€ Thank you, Skype! Without Skype I would be using my phone card that will cost me a fortune. It’s not the same without Michelle right now, before I can bare with it and now I’m a married man I feel even more lonely. Best to sort out the documents for her visa application next week, I don’t want to delay it any further.

Okay I’m going offline now, need to wake up 9am tomorrow UPS will be arriving at my place to pick up one of my customer’s parcel.